We recently entered the fourth phase of the industrial revolution, cyber-physical systems, where we go from micro-automation to smart automation: Connecting through the cloud. Taking a closer look we can detect several trends: IoT (Internet of Things), Big data, AI / ML (artificial intelligence / Machine learning), ‘Semantic’ web, eHealth and Gamification / Exergaming. All these trends also have a major influence on the medical world. The profession of the medical doctor will change significantly over this next decade. The changing medical world is underlined by new academic educations, like technical medicine. The time is right for the next step in the digital orthopaedic revolution.

Mission & Vision


IMUKA 2018 collaborates with prominent healthcare delivery organisations, governmental leaders, clinicians, researchers and university faculties to address, discuss and bridge the latest innovations in Smart Health in Orthopaedics.


We must stay current by embracing and emerging techniques as well as near future efficiency and ensure modernisation in orthopaedics and improve customer outcome


The goal is a two-day programme of presentations, panel discussions and interactive dialogue at the Congress. We will present the key themes, ideas and considerations for the current practice along with indications of some future trends. Bringing together a curated audience of key stakeholders in Smart Health and orthopaedic surgeons will lead the way in the digital orthopaedic revolution: Technology saves Healthcare. The ultimate goal is the ongoing, evidence-based improvement of personalized care of the orthopaedic consumers leading to increased consumer safety, increased efficiency and Higher satisfaction rate.

Organzing Committee
On behalf of the Organizing Committee, we would like to welcome you all to this conference warmly
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Crossfire and debate will encourage a lively discussion. It will generate a strong take-home message.
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